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Fools and Visionaries

“One finishes L.I.E. both frustrated by its vagueness and, paradoxically, confident that its talented author is capable of better work.” - Kirkus Review

“The novel's conclusion is deeply, unsatisfyingly ambiguous. Hollander's debut is set against a backdrop so bleak that it undermines his otherwise formidable talent for tragic irony and cinematic vision.” - Publisher’s Weekly

“An interesting idea that somehow missed the mark.” - Amazon reviewer of L.I.E.

“Hollander is a great writer, but as far as pursuing a ‘career’ as a writer he made a huge mistake: He developed into a serious artist.” - David McLendon, publisher of Unsaid

"At once mordantly funny and achingly sad, L.I.E. is a soul map for modern suburbia." - Sheri Holman, author of The Dress Lodger

“This book was terrible… a totally depressing book about depressed (and boring!) people going nowhere fast.” - Goodreads Reviewer of L.I.E.

“[AN] ENGAGING DEBUT . . . If we feel we’ve heard enough about the land at malls and cloverleafs, we’re wrong: it’s probably the most authentically American experience there is, a point that Hollander makes in a blur of concrete, exit signs, and self-deprecating hilarity.” – Los Angeles Times

“REMARKABLE . . . COMPELLING . . . POWERFUL . . . A young man’s head-on collision with the failed American Dream.” – Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Couldn’t you add a dog though? Everyone loves dogs.” - Reader Review of “The Oath”

“[L.I.E. is] a coming-of-age story... but it's more than that - it's a meditation on the vagaries and mores of the suburban upbringing.” - Tom Gogola, in Newsday

“Hollander (a Long Island native) nails nearly every tragicomic aspect of a very specific kind of ennui and longing. You should read it, even if he does engage in the very annoying device of italicizing random words and sentences way too often.” - Spin Magazine review of L.I.E.

“I hated this book. I ripped it in two and threw it in the garbage the minute I was finished.” - Amazon reviewer of L.I.E.