Three Chords and the Half-truth

The author has dabbled in the musical arts, mostly as a brief and unsatisfying respite from authoring. He was once, for instance, the guitarist for Tyrannosaurus Rectum — twice voted Best College Band in the nation. He has constituted one-half of the acoustic duo, The Unnameable, a musical phenomenon that swept through select parts of Manhattan’s Lower East Side in the early 2010’s, leaving agony and moral pulchritude in its wake. These days he’s frequently sitting in with the Hudson Valley’s own Russell St. George and The Last Minute Soulmates, and handling lead guitar duties with Diamond Hotel, a difficult-to-categorize outfit that one reviewer dubbed “alt-folk-noir." And he sometimes records a song in his very own home, while suffering the gaze of all the books on the bookshelves, none of which were authored by the author.